Mary Bartak

Your Family Members:  Gary and I have five children. Steven, Jessica & (Heath) Faust who have a son Thomas, Lee & Jennifer (Tharnish), Maria, and Bre. We also claim one great Pyrenees dog named Tonka and one undying rabbit – Peter – compliments of Teresa Heying.

College Graduated From: I received my bachelors in social sciences from Wayne State in 05, a middle school endorsement from Chadron State in 07, and my masters in history and curriculum from UNK in 09.

What year did you start teaching at Pope John?  August 2005

What subjects do you teach?  7thgrade math and world history, freshman theology and guidance, sophomore world history and guidance, a personal finance class for juniors and seniors, and a college credit American history class for the seniors.

What is one of your hidden talents or something people don’t know about you? Probably all things that should stay hidden or unknown. 🙂

How do you spend your summer breaks? Normally, I have a new class to teach in the fall so I spend some time getting ready the class. Some days I help on the farm, otherwise it is painting a room or two in the house or the garden, flowers, and lawn.

 If you weren’t a teacher, what would you be? When I grow up I want to work at Shamrock Nursery in O’Neill. My Dream Job!! I would love to landscape – I love sharing my flower beds with people who are starting theirs.

What is your favorite dish from the cafeteria?  Well, I normally spend that half hour grading at my desk to save time afterschool – but I bet the chili and pull-apart bread is still stellar.

What’s the best thing about being a Catholic School teacher? Without a doubt, the fact that our faith is always present throughout the day. We can pray at any time, we embrace God’s gifts, and we can always talk about faith and our beliefs. I think the fact that we can help students realize – their true challenge is to lead a life that helps them obtain heaven – not a great salary, or house, or power and influence.

If you could take the students on a field trip to anywhere in the world, where would you take them?  International – If I could travel with Steve Ray as our guide – then it would be the Holy Land. Without Steve – then it would be Italy – Rome – the Vatican.

Domestic – Arcadia National Park or Glacier National Park to hike and rock climb. Both are so beautiful and the kids would love doing both.