2019 Pope John Awards Ceremony Held

Pope John XXIII Central Catholic held its Award Ceremony on Thursday, May 9th in St. Boniface Auditorium. The seniors were recognized and awarded over $76,000 in college scholarships. Students recognized for individual awards were as follows:

NVC Scholastic Recognition Award (ACT of 28 or above)
Senior – Kyle Schumacher

NVC Principal’s All Academic Team(Jrs. & Srs. GPA of 3.5 or above)
Seniors –Madison Schrage, Kyle Schumacher, Lauren Seier
Juniors-Breanna Bartak, Brynn Dilly, Luke Henn, Faith Kinney, Haley Zegers

Boys & Girls State Representatives
Kayce Kallhoff, alternates are Breanna Bartak and Faith Kinney;   Luke Henn and Conor Ramold

Outstanding Crusader Athlete of the Year, Kayce Kallhoff

Outstanding Crusader Athlete of the Year
Kayce Kallhoff

Knights of Columbus Recognition (young men who joined this year)
Ervin Dohmen and Kyle Schumacher

American Red Cross High School Leadership Program (donated blood at least 3 times)
Lauren Seier

Academic Awards
Spanish I –Marissa Preister
Spanish II – Brynn Dilly
Intro to Business-Trista Hemenway
Personal Finance-Kayce Kallhoff
JH Tech-Samuel Hemenway, Skyler Meis
English 7 – Noah Schmidt
English 8 – Linus Borer
English 9 – Abby Hemenway & Trista Hemenway
English 10 – Skylar Reestman
English 11 – Breanna Bartak, Kayce Kallhoff, Haley Zegers
Art – Taylynne Charf, Skyler Meis
Junior High Music – Linus Borer, Taylynne Charf, Emma Lea Ruterbories, Noah Schmidt
Band –Lexi Bode, Linus Borer, Kirsten Krebs, Marissa Preister, Skylar Reestman
High School Choir-Breanna Bartak, Alyssa Burenheide, Trista Hemenway, Luke  Henn, Allyson Selting

Outstanding Music Student – Allyson Selting

Outstanding Music Student – Allyson Selting
7th World History – Samuel Hemenway
8th Social Studies – Skyler Meis
Geography – Trista Hemenway
10th World History – Marissa Preister
American History – Faith Kinney
Government – Kyle Schumacher
Chemistry – Brynn Dilly
Biology – Alyssa Burenheide
Physical Science – Emma Mlnarik
7th Theology – Noah Schmidt
8th Theology-Skyler Meis
7th Pre Algebra – Noah Schmidt

Algebra I – Skyler Meis
Geometry – Trista Hemenway
Algebra II/Trig–Marissa Preister
Advanced Math – Luke Henn
College Algebra/Trig – Kyle Schumacher
Calculus – Lauren Seier
“Help Your Neighbor” Award in Memory of Jim Miller-Madison Schrage

Outstanding Drama Students – Madison Schrage, Lauren Seier

Participation Certificates–Kirsten Krebs, Emma Mlnarik, Haley Zegers
Letter Winners – Breanna Bartak, Skylar Reestman, Allyson Selting, Brynn Dilly, Luke Henn, Madison Schrage, Faith Kinney, Austin Bauer, Trista Hemenway, Lauren Seier, Alyssa Burenheide, Abby Hemenway, Natalie Reicks, Kaylee Ramold, Harlie Bode, Marissa Preister, R. J. Lierman, Kyle Schumacher, Conor Ramold, Kayce Kallhoff, Jasmine Dozler, Ashtyn Meis, Lexi Bode.

Best Actress  – Breanna Bartak
Best Actor   – Luke Henn
Best Supporting Actress – Brynn Dilly, Madison Schrage
Novice Award – Austin Bauer
Outstanding Crew Member  – Kayce Kallhoff
St. Genesius Award   – Lauren Seier
Outstanding Drama Students – Madison Schrage, Lauren Seier

One Act:
Novice Award –Kaylee Ramold
Crew Award-Kayce Kallhoff
Best Supporting Actress-Skylar Reestman
Most Valuable Cast Member-Madison Schrage
Best Actress in a Leading Role-Haley Zegers
Best Transparent Actor-Luke Henn
Letter Winners –Haley Zegers, Madison Schrage, Brynn Dilly, Skylar Reestman, Lauren Seier, Breanna Bartak,
Allyson Selting, Alyssa Burenheide, Harlie Bode, Marissa Preister, Layne Bullock, Luke Henn, Kaylee Ramold,
Lexi Bode, Emma Mlnarik, Natalie Reicks, Kirsten Krebs, Natalie Bauer, Jasmine Dozler, Kayce Kallhoff, Faith Kinney, Ashtyn Meis, Conor Ramold.

Quiz Bowl:
Kyle Schumacher, Luke Henn, Skylar Reestman, Alyssa Burenheide, Layne Bullock, Allyson Selting

Speech Student of the Year-Madison Schrage

Letter Winners –Lauren Seier, Madison Schrage, Breanna Bartak, Brynn Dilly, Alyssa Burenheide, Skylar Reestman
Speech Participants – Emma Mlnarik
Speech Student of the Year-Madison Schrage

Student Council
Co-Presidents – Kyle Schumacher, Lauren Seier
Secretary – Breanna Bartak
Treasurer – Luke Henn

Junior Right-to-Life Co-Presidents
Marissa Preister, Lauren Seier