Academics for Success

Academic success is a defining outcome of a Catholic education. High expectations are set, for all students, from day one. Respect, accountability and confidence are the foundation from which our students act and excel. Pope John and St. Boniface students outperform their state and national peers on important standardized tests.

College Scholarships

The Pope John Class of 2018 earned a school record  $1,100,000+ in College Scholarships among its 16 member class. Every Pope John senior class applies for and receives many scholarships based on both community service and academic accomplishment.

ACT Scores

Pope John students consistently score higher on the ACT then students attending public schools. The Pope John class of 2018 scored a composite score of 24.6 on their ACTs. This beats the public school average of 21.4. The ACT plays a key role in scholarship offers from colleges and universities.

The 2018 class  received eight University of Nebraska Regents Scholarship offers, which is full-tuition for four years.

Academics for Success

Extra-Curricular Learning Activities

STEM CLUB  is an after-school group of 4-6 graders who meet once a month. Everyone is invited to participate.

They work on inquiry-based activities with Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).  The group participates in junk box challenges, experimented with circuits by making household items, and played with robotics.