-Menu: Goulash Green Beans Chocolate Chip Muffin Fruit Milk OR Chef Salad
Wednesday: Taco Burger/Bun Corn Jell-O Fruit Milk OR Chef Salad

The Eucharist will be celebrated at 11:50 this morning in the St. Boniface Church.
Chocolate milk is available in the office for $1.25 per bottle.
Seniors are asked to please pay $10 in the office as soon as possible to cover the cost of mailing transcripts and scholarship information.

Fall sports pictures will be Thursday, August 22nd in the EPS Gym at 3:45 p.m.
We are missing several forms that were due to the office August 14th. If you have them with you please bring to the office following prayer and announcements.

FFA meeting tomorrow with a start time of 6:45 p.m. If you are here at 6:30 p.m. that is fine. Supper will be provided. Current members and interested members should attend.

*Rae Valley Day’s volunteer work sheet* is hanging up in the Ag room. Sign up to work a shift or two. Rae Valley Day’s is West of Petersburg next weekend Saturday, Aug 24th and Sunday August 25th. They always appreciate the FFA kids helping where you can! If you are a volleyball player or heading to watch the girls play Saturday, plan to work Sunday!