CCPJ is an association composed of people who believe in the outstanding institution we have in Pope John. They are aware of what Pope John offers the youth of the community, as well as the adults. They see Pope John as a real ministry within our midst and want to make sure its future is in line with the needs of our time and the call of God’s people to serve and provide for those needs. We encourage all of our parents and others in the communities to become a part of this group.

CCPJ Officers for 2016-2017
President – Anne Meis
Treasurer – Brenda Kuhlman

Chairpersons of CCPJ Events

Quilt Raffle Sales
Sandi Henn (Chair)

“Evening with Friends”  (January 29, 2017)
Committee Members
Jerry & Jan Heithoff, Dave & Tracy Hoefer, Brenda Kuhlman, Ben & Anna Meis, Lynell Morgan, Jake & Kari Schindler,  John & Sam Stoltz,  Eric & Brenda Meis, Garrett & Jenn Dwyer, Joe & Jill McNally, Brett & Jamie Schmidt

Annual Fund Mailing  (November, 2016)
Sandy Moser (Chair)
Sue Mlnarik, Jan Henn, Brenda Schrage

CCPJ Breakfast (January 8, 2017)


This group of volunteers is responsible for the long term well-being of the school.  They sponsor the Development Dinner, Quad-Lum Alumni Newsletter, and Advancement Office.

PJ Development Committee Officers

Duane & Chelle Childers

Sandi Henn

Committee Members:
Sally Meis
Ralph & Deb Pelster
Gene Heithoff
Nick & Beth Ramold
Jerry & Tami Schrage
Kyle & Deb Warren
Mike & Kristin Zegers
Josh & Maria Kinney
Anna Meis

Endowment Board Members

The Board meets quarterly and decides where to invest donations and memorials given to Pope John.
*Inquiries can be made to Gary Arehart at (402) 843-2141
Gary Arehart – President
Father Kevin Vogel – Treasurer
Sandi Henn – Secretary
JoAnn Dinslage
Joan Childers
Betty Getzfred
Kyle Warren