Friday, March 25, 2022

Menu: Cheese Pizza Green Beans Jell-O Fruit Milk OR Chef Salad
Monday: Chicken Nuggets Scalloped Potatoes Peas & Carrots Fruit Milk OR Chef Salad ________________________________________________________________________________
Welcome to the students visiting our school today.
Happy Birthday to Briggs H. celebrating his birthday today.
Honor Roll pictures will be Monday morning at 8:00. Be sure to meet in the front hall at this time if you are listed on the honor roll sheets.
Prom activities will be held tomorrow beginning with Mass celebrated at 5:30 p.m. in the St. Boniface Church. Grand march, pictures, dance and post prom to follow.
Musical practice Sunday begins at noon.
Congratulations to the winners of the St. Boniface Calendar Lottery. 4-$1,000 winners are Beth Ramold, Audra Borer, Dave Sehi and Starman Seed Service & 2-$500 winners Mary Bartak & Jean Breen
Students are asked to check 3rd quarter honor roll posted in the north hall. If you notice an error, please contact Brenda ASAP!
Reminder to all musical cast member families—you are asked to sell 10 musical tickets & turn the names and money in at the office before leaving school today. More tickets are in the office. Be sure to ask faculty and community members also.
April calendar items are due in the office by Monday, March 28th.
Students 13 years or older (mainly current 8th grade students) who would like to take Driver’s Ed from Gary Davis in Neligh, please contact the office before Tuesday, March 29th. Class will begin Monday, June 27th through July 1st and driving will begin after that. Registration forms will be sent to the school May 1st.
If you rented a prom tux for this weekend through Roxi’s Elegant Bridal is responsible for picking them up in Norfolk — call 371-3409 for status. Emily Borer will return them Monday, March 28th if they are brought to the office by 8:30 that morning.
Students being picked up after school on the northside of school need to wait by the doors for the teacher on duty and then must wait to cross the street with the teacher.
City of Elgin is looking for lifeguards for the pool this summer. Please send an application to City Hall or contact Kristen Childers with any questions.
Pope John is accepting bids for care of the school grounds! If you know someone who might be interested, please have them contact the school! Our former lawn care provider will not be available this summer! *Job Description:* Mowing, trimming and weed control throughout the growing season! Submit a bid to the office before Thursday, March 31st.