Monday, March 14, 2022

Menu: Hot Ham & Cheese Scalloped Potatoes Corn Fruit Milk OR Chef Salad
Tuesday: Chili Soup Pull-a-Part Bread Baby Carrots Cookie Fruit Milk NO Chef Salad
Lunch Order: 8,7,12,11,10,9 ___________________________________________________________________________
Happy Birthday to Mrs. Henn celebrating her birthday today.
Juniors and seniors need to turn in their money for the prom meal by Friday, March 18th. Cost is $11 per meal.
Musical practice at 4:00 this afternoon.
Dance girls—return OLD and NEW uniform tops Mrs. Tisthammer by Friday, March 18th.
Boys JV basketball players will turn in uniforms after school today. Those interested in golf should meet in Mr. Ostransky’s room before turning in jerseys.
Track meeting Wednesday after school in Mr. Koeppe’s room.
Varsity boys’ basketball will check in uniforms on Tuesday, March 15th after school.
District CDE today at Sargent: Kellan, Sam, Hudson, Sharon, Carter, Taylynne, Paiton, Cale and Skyler
Babysitters are needed for the St. Boniface Church Auction on Saturday, March 19th in the afternoon & early evening. Families will contact the school for babysitter contact information, but you will babysit in their home. Please sign up in the office before leaving school today.
* HELP WANTED: Lawn Care!* Pope John is accepting bids for lawn care of the school grounds! If you know someone who might be interested, please have them contact the school! Our former lawn care provider will not be available this summer, so someone new is needed! *Job Description:* Mowing, trimming and weed control throughout the growing season!
* $10 Comfy Day is this Thursday, March 17 *- *GO GREEN* for St. Patrick’s Day or Go Comfy! Mrs. Schumacher’s special treat this month is that students may wear *LONG SHORT*S *(like basketball shorts)*. Shorts must be longer than your fingers when arms are hanging at your side. **St. Bon kiddos please bring sweats for recess!*
Reminder to all musical cast member families—you are to sell 10 musical tickets & turn the names and money into the office by Friday, March 25th. More tickets are in the office. Be sure to ask faculty and community members also.