Pope John Grocery Sales Fundraiser Successful!


Alyssa Burenheide, Maddie Schrage, Kyle Schumacher

Brooklyn, Skyler & Ashtyn Meis, Natalie & Austin Bauer, Sharon & Lane Bartak

Started in 1995, the Pope John XXIII Central Catholic’s Grocery Sales Project has become an annual fundraiser completed by Pope John students.  They had a very successful year due to the efforts and cooperation of our area grocers, patrons and supporters. Those who purchased certificates or debit cards contributed an additional 5% above the purchase amount to the school. A number of Pope John supporters added generous donations, making it possible for the students to donate a total of $12,575.00 to the school’s operating budget.

Dean and Kim Schrage, Dean’s Market in Elgin, Greg and Carm Thramer and Terry and Connie Kaczor, Ewing Family Foods, Jeff Henning, Clearwater Market, Larry and Radeene Temme, Rae Valley Market in Petersburg, and Paul Bichlmeier, Thriftway Market in Neligh and Tilden, have all contributed 5% of the total sales to their respective stores to the fundraiser as well.

High salespersons recognized for their outstanding efforts were individuals Maddie Schrage ($9,800 sold), Alyssa Burenheide ($8,725 sold) and Kyle Schumacher ($7,000 sold).  Families bringing in the most sales were Austin and Natalie Bauer ($7,700 sold), Lane and Sharon Bartak ($6,025 sold) and Ashtyn, Skyler and Brooklyn Meis ($2,750 sold).