High school basketball games will be played in both gyms in town.

  1.  Gym capacity will be limited under 50%.
  2. Varsity girls will be played first in St. Boniface Gym while JV boys will be played in the Elgin Public Gym.
  3. At the completion of the varsity girls game, JV girls will be played and officials will travel to Elgin Public Gym for the start of the varsity boys game. (locations may alternate for future games)
  4. Masks are required to be worn over the mouth and nose at all times by everyone that is not actively participating, including fans, coaches, cheerleaders and dancers. Anyone not following the masking requirements will be asked to leave. Refusal to leave will result in the game being stopped until the spectator complies or leaves the facility.
  5. Concessions-Limited menu will be available.

EPPJ Junior High COVID Guidelines

  1. Masks are required to be worn over the mouth and nose at all times by everyone that is not actively participating, including fans, players on the bench, and coaches.
  2. Anyone not following the masking requirements will be asked to leave. Refusal to leave will result in the game being stopped until the spectator complies or leaves the facility.
  3. We ask that all JH teams come dressed, as locker room access will be limited to pregame talks only.


These modifications are subject to change in response to COVID-19. (Updated 10/26/20)

Participants, coaches, staff, judges, or spectators that have COVID-19 symptoms, feel sick or have been advised to
quarantine or isolate by public health or school officials, shall not attend or participate in practice or competition. The
NSAA requires all non-active participants, coaches, and spectators to wear face coverings. Face coverings should cover
the nose and mouth. The physical distancing of 6 feet should be maintained when possible.
The health and safety of students, staff, and local communities remain the priority of the NSAA.

The NSAA is implementing the following requirements for host schools of all NSAA district play production contests:
• Active participants are permitted, but not required, to wear face coverings during competition.
• Spectators and judges are required to wear face coverings at all times.
• Directors, crew members and non-active participants are required to wear face coverings at all times.
• All interactions between participants, spectators, and judges should maintain 6 feet of physical distance.
• Areas with at least 6 feet of distance must be created for all judges during competition and oral critiques.
• Performances must be scheduled at least 1 hour apart.
• The host school may establish additional requirements in consultation with local health departments. Additional
requirements implemented by the host school must be the same for all schools, judges, and spectators.

All participating schools, judges and spectators are expected to adhere to these requirements.


UPDATED Friday, October 2, 2020
We are in the Yellow Risk Zone with area cases rising, so all fans attending Wolfpack games and activities are REQUIRED to wear masks.

As of August 27, 2020 we are in the Green Risk Zone so the following applies:

Restrictions on Fans: -Highly encouraged to wear masks and practice social distance when seating. -Family groups are encouraged to sit together. -Elementary students are expected to sit with their parents, no running around will be allowed. -Parents and fans are expected to exit the facility immediately after the conclusion of the competition. -Seating will be marked. -The student section will be for current 7-12 EPPJ students only! No out of town students or graduates will be allowed. 

Officials: No restrictions, they will have their own area away from all fans, coaches, and players. 

Concessions: Concession stand will be available. 

Game Attendance: -Social distancing, according to health district for capacity (75%) 

Facility: -Facility will be split to separate visiting fans and teams from intermingling. 

Locker Rooms: -Visitor locker room at both gyms will be on the same side as the visiting fans. (We will show you when you arrive) 

Coaches / Athletes: -During competition, the sideline/bench/team areas will be restricted to essential personnel only. This includes players, coaches, team trainers, team managers, game officials, statisticians, and media. -Teams will use the same bench throughout the competition. -Teams will enter through the main doors and be taken immediately to their locker rooms. -Teams should bring their own volleyballs to warm up with. -No team meals allowed to be brought in, warmed, served, etc. 

*Elgin Public and Pope John reserve the right to make changes to these guidelines based on updated Directed Health Measures. 



EPPJ Football COVID Guidelines 

  • Mask Required(UPDATED October 2, 2020)
  • Practice social distancing
  • Separate restrooms on east side of field for visiting fans
  • Separate concessions in NE corner of field behind the scoreboard for visiting fans, varsity games only.
  • No concession for JH Only 1 player for captains meetings before the game
  • No handshakes before or after the game
  • Visiting teams will use the east side of the field for seating
  • No fans allowed on the field after the contest is complete.
  • No lingering around after the games are complete
  • Fans can park in the designated end zone, sit in the stands or stand around the fence.
  • No children will be allowed to play behind the bleachers or on the practice field.