Lawrence Goscha Scholarship Open

The Lawrence Goscha Scholarship Fund, an affiliated fund of the Nebraska Community Foundation, has established scholarship opportunities for area high schools and their graduates.

New National Honor Society Members inducted to Pope John XXIII Chapter

At a special National Honor Society Induction Ceremony held during school mass on Tuesday, December 11th, six new members were welcomed into the Pope John XXIII Central Catholic High School Chapter in Elgin.  New members include sophomores…

Pope John Grocery Sales Fundraiser Successful!

  Started in 1995, the Pope John XXIII Central Catholic's Grocery Sales Project has become an annual fundraiser completed by Pope John students.  They had a very successful year due to the efforts and cooperation of our area…

Christmas Ribbon Tree

The applications for the Ribbon Tree will be available on Tuesday, October 30, at the Willows, Golden Living Center, Heritage Bank, Pinnacle Bank, AMH Family Practice, Neligh Clinic, Neligh-Oakdale Pre-school, Health and Human Services Office,…

Fifth Graders Put Life Science in Action

The 5th grade students finished Life Science with Mrs. Starman last week. The last two weeks of the quarter were spent demonstrating their understanding of the science standards. The students did this by creating a model that showed the flow of energy and the cycling of matter in a food chain. They worked hard and did a great job!