Working with the 3D pens provided by the Invenergy donation are art students (l. to r.) Shantel Preister, Grace Henn, Lizzy Mlnarik and Gracie Bullock.

Harlie Bode, Noah Knievel, front row: Kaitey Schumacher, Elizabeth Moser, Lillian Moser and Nevaeh Jockens

Recently Luke Hinkle, a local representative of Invenergy, presented Pope John XXIII Central Catholic High School and St. Boniface Elementary School with a donation of $2,000.  The schools utilized the funds to purchase instructional equipment for their STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) and Art programs. Students will be able to work with items such as 3D pens, programmable robots, and physics sets. Betty Getzfred, Administrator at both schools stated, “Gifts such as these help us to offer cutting-edge technologies to our students and gives them valuable problem-solving skills for the future. We would like to thank Invenergy for their investment in our students.”