Heart of a Child Ultrasound Technician visits with St. Boniface 6th graders

Presenters from Heart of a Child Ministries visited Pope John XXIII and St. Boniface Catholic Schools on Monday, March 6th.  Heart of a Child Director, Nikki Schaefer presented four age-appropriate presentations to both the elementary and high school students.  In the K-6 grade sessions, students sang songs, played games, read Bible verses and viewed fetal models.

In the 7-9th grade sessions, students were gently introduced to the topic of abortion and learned about the Pro-Life Prayer Pillows that the ministry makes. Proceeds from the Pro-life Prayer Pillows go directly toward the group’s Pro-life Educational Fund.

High school students also heard the testimony of former atheist and abortion counselor, Kristen New.  She spoke of her conversion to Christianity and to a pro-life stance.  All of the students had the opportunity to see a live ultrasound of a 16 week-old unborn baby with a pregnant volunteer and professional ultrasound technician. Students witnessed the movements and characteristics of the baby and learned about the different stages of development. At the conclusion of the sessions, students received rosaries and a tiny baby with a prayer card to take home as a reminder of what they learned.