Thursday, December 17, 2020

— Menu: Corndog or Burrito Tortilla Chips w/Cheese Mixed Vegetables Fruit Milk OR Chef Salad
Friday: Chili Soup Pull-a-Part Bread Baby Carrots Cookie Fruit Milk No Chef Salad __________________________________________________________________________ The symbol added to the Jesse tree today is carpenter’s tools. They remind us of Joseph of Nazareth who was chosen to be the foster father of Jesus. He provided for the Holy Family by working as a carpenter.
Christmas Apparel Day Friday: Ugly Sweater Day Monday: Color Block Day
Pope John Mass and National Honor Society induction this morning at 8:15 in the St. Boniface Church.
Happy Birthday to Mrs. Taylor Borer who is celebrating her birthday today.
Congratulations to our newly inducted National Honor Society members–Carter, Linus and Skyler
Good Luck to our JH girls’ basketball team as travel to play Elkhorn Valley at 3:30 this afternoon. Team is dismissed at 2:05 p.m. “B” team will play the first game.
No chocolate milk until next year!
The following please report to the front hall for a picture this morning at 10:00- Linus, Matthew, Samuel, Trista, Cale, Skyler M., Kaylee, Skylar R., Natalie R. and Ally.
*ALL Lockers must be cleaned out* before Friday, December 18th! As you clean out your lockers this week, you are reminded to put emptied pop cans in the large can near the pop machine. Each classroom has a box for the papers that are to be recycled. Only garbage is to be placed in the large orange tubs in the corridor. Thank you for helping with our recycling efforts.
A Yeti tumbler was left in a classroom and may be picked up in the office.
Looking ahead to games live streamed: Saturday- Both games Monday- Girls- Boys-
Brenda Kuhlman Administrative Assistant Pope John XXIII Central Catholic High School P O Box 179 Elgin, Nebraska 68636
May every sunrise hold more promise, every sunset hold more peace.