Thursday, December 20, 2018

Menu:  Chili Soup    Pull-a-Part Bread     Cookie Fruit Milk    NO Chef Salad

Friday:  Sack Lunch
The symbol we add to the Jesse tree today is a lily.  This reminds us of the Virgin Mary who was chosen to become the Mother of Jesus.  She is our Mother too.

Reminder that all need to bring a sack lunch tomorrow.

Good Luck to our JV girls (playing 2 quarters) and varsity basketball teams as we host Spalding Academy today at 5:15 p.m.    Games will be on STRIV TV. Gonzaga House will clean up after games on Thursday.

Students–all food items must be taken out of lockers before leaving for Christmas break.

Students are allowed to wear an ugly Christmas sweater and appropriate jeans or school pants tomorrow. If they wish to not participate, they must wear school dress code.

Make sure that you bring your big gift for your advent friend tomorrow for our exchange.

Anything left on the floor or on top of the lockers in the locker room at EPS will be taken to the bargain box if left there after Friday.