Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Menu: Mini Lasagna Green Beans Garlic Bread Fruit Milk OR Chef Salad
Thursday: Hamburger/Bun Spiral Fries Corn Fruit Milk OR Chef Salad ______________________________________________________________________________
Homecoming Week: Barbie vs. Nerd Day
Jr. Right-to-Life is planning the Mass on October 6th. High school students in the group are asked to please sign up for a job in the office by the end of this week (9/29).
“Stand for Life” event is this Sunday from 11:00 until noon west of the St. Boniface Church. Everyone is invited to join us, but we are asking high school students to sign up in the office if they plan to participate. Only four students have signed up.
One Act Practices: –tonight at 6:30 for leads only.
October calendar items are due in the office by noon today.