Announcement Tuesday, September 4, 2018


Menu:   Hot Dog w/WG Bun    Macaroni & Cheese   Peas   Fruit   Milk  OR Chef Salad

Wednesday:  Taco Burger w/ Bun    Corn   Jello   Fruit  Milk  OR Chef Salad

Lunch Order:  10,9,8,7,12,11

Our “Human Trafficking “ presentation will be this afternoon at 1:15 in the St. Boniface Gym for students in grades 7-12th.

Good Luck to our volleyball team traveling to Niobrara-Verdigre this afternoon.  Bus will leave at 4:00 for Niobrara.
 5:00 Stuart vs. N-V        6:00  EPPJ vs. Stuart      7:00   Ewing vs. EPPJ         8:00  N-V vs. Ewing

Seniors are asked to pay a $15 fee for mailing of transcripts and scholarships.  Please stop in the office to do this by the end of next week.

The award-winning a cappella group Tonic Sol-fa will be coming to perform at the St. Boniface gym on October 24!  Advance tickets will be $15 and tickets will be available at the door for $20.  More information about ticket sales will be coming soon.  Mark your calendars!

Please dismiss the C-team volleyball girls at 3:30 p.m. on Thursday.   On Saturday the bus will leave 7:25 a.m. from EPS.

Onesa R.-ex.
Emma M.-ex.
Layne B.-ex.
Lane B.-ex.


Early Dismissal

St. Boniface

Kaiden B.-ex.


Early Dismissal
Kellan H.-leaving @ 3:00 p.m.