Monday, December 6, 2021

Menu: Chicken Nuggets Tri-Pattie Glazed Carrots Fruit Milk OR Chef Salad
Tuesday: Bar-b-ques w/ WG Bun Tator Tots Green Beans Fruit Milk OR Chef Salad
Lunch Order: 8,7,12,11,10,9 _______________________________________________________________________
The symbol of a rose is added to the Jesse tree today. It is a sign of Isaiah’s prophecy “…that a desert shall bloom as the rose at the coming of the Lord.”
Advent Wreath Service P. 2 in the front hall.
Pope John students will be attending “Reid’s Story” in the St. Boniface Gym presented by Dr. Mark & Joni Adler at 10:00 a.m.
Freshmen and sophomores are reminded to bring a sack lunch for your retreat on Thursday.
Congratulations to our basketball teams on their wins over Niobrara-Verdigre last Friday.
Congratulations to Isabella S. on placing 1st at the Columbus Lakeview Meet last Friday and to Carter placing 1st, Kaeden S. 2nd and Sam H. 3rd at the Howells-Dodge Meet on Saturday.
We are collecting gifts for the “Ribbon Tree”. Please bring new, unwrapped gift valued $10-$15 before dismissal this Friday.
There is a sign-up sheet in the office for anyone interested in being part of the One Act cast or crew for the 2022-23 school year. Please sign up by Tuesday.
Link for anyone interested in buying Wolfpack apparel sold by the boys’ basketball team. *Deadline is 10:00 a.m*. *today.* eppj-boys-basketball-fan <>
Also link for wrestling apparel with a deadline of 10:00 this morning
Tuesday’s basketball games will be livestreamed at the following link