Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Menu:  Spaghetti w/ Meatsauce       Corn Cinnamon Roll Fruit   Milk OR Chef Salad

Thursday:  Chicken Quesadilla       Baked Fries Green Beans     Fruit Milk OR Chef Salad

The symbol of Joseph, a multicolored coat, is placed on the Jesse tree today.  Joseph gave food to God’s chosen people when there was a famine. We remember him by his coat of many colors.

Elgin High Post Prom is having a soup supper during the ball games Saturday, December 15th.

Thanks to all who auditioned for the musical cast on Monday night!  You all did a great job and made it very hard to choose!  If you want to be part of the chorus, please turn in your audition form to Mrs. Becker by this Friday, Dec. 14th.