Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Menu: Hot Ham and Cheese Sweet Potato Fries Corn Fruit Milk OR Chef Salad
Thursday: Vegetable Beef Soup Pull-a-Part Bread Cookie Fruit Milk No Chef Salad ___________________________________________________________________________
St. Boniface Book Fair Week: We Love American Wednesday
Mrs. Koeppe, Mrs. Klein and Mrs. Schiltmeyer along with the choir students, speakers and broadcasting crew will be dismissed at 10:30 this morning to attend the Veteran’s program at Elgin Public. Link for the veteran’s program-
It is the season of giving thanks. Give thanks to the Lord and donate to our school’s food drive now through next Wednesday, November 18th. It will be a competition among houses and St. Boniface classes on who can build the best sculpture out of the goods brought. Give thanks and bring goods!
No chocolate milk until Thursday morning!
Caramel apple suckers are for sale in the library for $0.50 each. Proceeds go to help our library purchase books from the Book Fair.